Akershus University Hospital

Akershus University Hospital (Ahus) is a local and area hospital for approximately 560,000 inhabitants. Our main tasks are patient treatment, research, teaching and patient education. We have patient services in somatics, mental health care and substance abuse.

​As a teaching hospital, Ahus is affiliated with the University of Oslo. We employ over 11,500 people divided on our different locations, whose mission is to provide care and treatment to our patients. Our goal is to have a compassionate touch with professional skills.

Our owners are the South-Eastern Regional Health Authority. Ahus are responsible for the inhabitants of Follo, Romerike and Kongsvinger, in addition the three northernmost districts in Oslo; Alna, Grorud and Stovner, are part of our hospital area.

You can find us at Nordbyhagen in Lørenskog, Ski, Kongsvinger, Gardermoen and at various treatment centers for mental health care and substance abuse treatment.

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Ahus strives to be the patient’s first choice as well as an attractive workplace for healthcare professionals. We work with patients, relatives, and staff with various projects to achieve our goals.

For patients

For patients visiting our hospital at Nordbyhagen our brochure "Welcome to Ahus Nordbyhagen" can be helpful. Here you can find information about the hospital and its facilities in a number of languages.

Akershus University Hospital is an educational institution where you can meet students. You reserve the right to refuse against students being present or participating in your treatment.

About health, rights and online self-service solutions

On these pages, we have selected a variety of information for our English speaking users. Amongst these, you will find information about health, rights and our online self-service solutions.

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If you are having trouble with understanding Norwegian terms and phrases regarding the hospital and your treatment, you might find some of the words in this dictionary helpful:

Ahus dictionary Norwegian - English

Our values

Compassionate touch – professional skills

It involves:

  • As a patient, you should be treated with kindness and respect.
  • As a patient, you should be met by personnel who care about you.
  • As a patient, you should experience security.

Our services are rooted in sound professional practice and knowledge.

Board of directors

You can read about our Board of directors on the page below.

Board of directors (in Norwegian)

Contact us

Telephone:  00 47 55 97 50 00
E-mail: postmottak@ahus.no

Visiting address

Sykehusveien 25, Lørenskog

Postal address

Akershus universitetssykehus HF
Name of department
Postboks 1000

1478 Lørenskog

Other adresses

Akershus University Hospital
Ski sykehus
Vardåsveien 3
1400 Ski

Akershus University Hospital
Kongsvinger Sykehus
Parkveien 35
2212 Kongsvinger

Akershus University Hospital
Ragnar Strøms Veg 10
2067 Jessheim

Hospital management


Øystein Mæland

Deputy CEO

Jørn A. Limi

The CEO's executive committee  

Department of Economics and Finance

Kari Fjelldal

Department of Human Resources

Jan Inge Pettersen

Department of Communication

Dagfinn Aanonsen

Department of Medicine and Health Care

Pål Wiik

Department of Research and Innovation

Helge Røsjø

University of Oslo Campus Ahus

Torbjørn Omland


The hospital management team

Division of Surgery

Anne Karin Lindahl

Orthopaedic Clinic

Inge Skråmm

Division of Gynaecology and Obstetrics

Pernille Schjønsby

Division of Medicine

Erik Borge Skei

Division of Diagnostics and Technology

Janne Pedersen

Division of Paediatric and Adolescent Medicine

Kirsten Haugland

Division of Mental Health

Øystein Kjos

Kongsvinger Hospital

Jane Beate Moe Castro

Division of Facilities Management
Morten Løkken Bendiksen

Media enquiries

The Department of Communication can be reached by e-mail:


We are only able to read e-mails during office hours (8-16).

Our on-call telephone can be reached by phone number: 902 87 117.

We are on-call outside office hours and are therefore not present in the hospital. Non-urgent enquiries should be made on weekdays during office hours.

Research and innovation

Akershus University Hospital has extensive research activities, and research is part of our core business.

Active research environments contribute to strengthening the quality of the treatment offer. Therefore, our research is closely integrated with the clinical part of the business.

Increased knowledge about diseases

The research at Akershus University Hospital should benefit many. Our research groups contribute to this by increasing knowledge about diseases that affect large patient groups.

Many of the patients participate in research projects and student education, which helps us to develop an ever better treatment offer. Innovation that springs from research is also an important focus area. It prepares us to face the future. Our research communities are actively working to develop new tools for diagnostics and treatment, so that even more patients can receive help.

The Research and Innovation Division (FID) has a delegated responsibility for research and innovation at Ahus. FID is organized into two departments; department for health service research (HØKH) and department for research support.

Ahus aim to ensure that both the research and teaching maintains a high professional level and that the basis of the activity must be the hospitals own patient population. The research aims to provide results that are useful for both diagnosis and treatment. It should be progressive by adopting the opportunities that modern medicine and technology offers, and be cost effective.

Research takes place across organizational structure of the hospital, and in all departments.

Departments and divisions

Ahus consists of five departments and eight divisions and provide medical services for up to 10 percent of the population in Norway. 

  • Department of Economics and Finance
  • Department of Human Resources (HR)
  • Department of Communications
  • Department of Medicine and Health Science
  • Department of Research and Innovation
  • University of Oslo Campus Ahus
  • Division of Surgery
  • Orthopaedic Clinic
  • Division of Gynaecology and Obstetrics
  • Division of Medicine
  • Division of Diagnostics and Technology
  • Division of Paediatric and Adolescent Medicine
  • Division of Mental Health
  • Division of Facilities Management

Want to work with us?

Language requirements for health care personnel

The working language at Akershus University Hospital is Norwegian. Your Norwegian proficiency must be sufficiently high to ensure reliability in patient care when communicating in Norwegian with our patients, families and colleagues. We do accept Danish and Swedish as academic languages.

Norwegian authorization as health care personnel

For positions that require a certification as health care personnel according to the Health Personnel Act, a Norwegian authorization/temporary license must be obtained prior to the employment and commencement.  More information on how to apply for authorization can be found on the homepage of the Norwegian Directorate of Health. https://helsedirektoratet.no/English

Authorization and lisence (helsedirektoratet.no)

Residence permit/registration certificate

Before working at Akershus University Hospital, residence permit or registration certificate must be obtained. Nordic citizens have automatic residency in the Nordic countries. Within the EU / EEA you need only obtain a registration certificate.
Outside the EU / EEA you must obtain a residence permit.

More information about the procedure and application forms (udi.no)

Tax card/D number

If you are a foreign worker, you must have a D number to obtain a tax card. Anyone who is getting a D number must personally appear at the tax office with a valid ID. This also applies to Norwegian nationals who move back to Norway. More information about tax card and D number, application forms, and identification requirements can be found at

Norwegian Tax Authorities (skatteetaten.no) Practical Information from public offices (nyinorge.no)

How to apply for a job with us

Unfortunately, we do not accept open applications, and do not consider these. You need to apply on vacant positions through our recruitment portal - Webcruiter. Most of our vacancies are announced in Norwegian as ability to understand Norwegian is a requirement for most of our positions.

Read more and apply here