The association between metabolic profiles, chromatin structure and gene expression in different fatty tissue depots

Obesity is one of the major health burdens. Intra-abdominal fat storage strongly increases the risk of obesity-associated metabolic complications. These comorbidities further stresses the health care systems enormously.

​We have designed a research project using adipose tissue/adipocytes aiming to understand mechanisms contributing to developing obesity-related conditions. We hypothesize that chromatin accessibility is adipose tissue depot specific.

We reported differences in gene expression/methylation between human adipose tissue depots. These data add weight to the hypothesis that distinct molecular mechanisms in fat depots contribute to the observed clinical consequences. We hypothesize that open chromatin accessibility may be fat depot specific and is important in establishing fat depot specific gene expression. We perform ATACseq and expect specific patterns that translate into depot-specificity. 


Jøran Hjelmesæth, Jens K. Hertel.
Morbid Obesity Center Tønsberg, Norway

Gunnar Mellgren, Johan Fernø.
University of Bergen, Haukeland Hospital, Norway

Matthias Blüher.
University of Leipzig, Germany


Helse Sør-Øst 



Project leader

Yvonne Böttcher

Project participant

Lars la Cour Poulsen

Time frame

Project start: 1.10.2017.  Project end: 30.09.2020

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